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Monday, December 15, 2008

Rambler Christmas Tree

Our footy and netball club (GO RAMBLERS) have a Christmas Tree event each year since as long as I can remember. I have been involved for the last few years since my kids have been around.

It is a very casual gathering of usually mostly Mums as the fellas are still supposed to be on the headers at this time of year. Well there were a few Dads and Grandfathers there today, but not that many. In fact I thought the crowd was down a bit from last year. Not as many kids there for Father Christmas to give them their gifts this year. I am not sure why.
So Annie waited with excitement

while Sean clung like a leech as he had just jammed his finger in the sheep yards out on the showgrounds. I really thought that I would need to lead him to FC for his pressie but he proved me wrong.
Sean was a bit upset by the big red guy last year, but he fair sprinted up to climb into the lap this time round.

Phew. I had asked Meredith to be on standby for the pics in case I was busy with Sean, but she wasn't required. Bless his little socks.
He got heaps of beach toys (bucket, spades, moulds etc) and Annie just loved her makeup with a little wooden shelving unit to store it all in.

Score one, Father Christmas. U must have been reading the kids letters they posted to you


janice said...

Great shots Tiff. Love the look on Annies face in the first one.These christmas tree gatherings are always good fun. Sarah ans Matt used to go to the Mount Hope Christmas tree amd it was priceless as a Mum sitting there watching the different expression on the kids faces as Father Christmas was about to come through the door. Sarah and Matt both liked Father Christmas ...and still do!!!!

Natalie said...

hey sweet
Butterfly award has been sent your way - great blog - love it! :)
Take the pic from my blog hon!