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Friday, December 5, 2008

taste testing by master chef firth

This was one of my first plays with Brushes in Photoshop. This pic is about 18 months old and I have only just caught up to it.

I fear that I will never get to the point of all my shots and LO's will happen here and now. Some do and they are fun while I am excited about the whole thing. But I reckon I would feel that I would be having to take photos all the time just so I have something to scrap. I would just hate not being able to scrap just cause I don't have any photos done.

I get my pics printed at Rabbit and as I am seldom in Lincoln during their business hours I just wouldn't be able to keep myself happy. Their quality and archival guarantee far out way any printing done at home. Although in saying that I have done a few prints at home, but I really fear that they will fade sooner than later. And they will. Then the impact of the photo on that LO is lost forever.

Anyway I still love this pic with the chocolate brush around the edge. He was cleaning up after my cooking something chocolaty... I think Paige would have a hand in this one.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff, Neat Lo - is the wheat a stamp or a digi brush or something else?? Love to get one!
Taste testing looks like fun! as licking the spoon always is!
Tammi M (tambear)

:) Tiff said...

LOL Tam. The 'wheat' is actually a rubon by facnypants. It's just a blue decrotive line that I cut into a few different lengths to see what works. Never saw it as wheat, but i do now.

Anonymous said...

Hey was this the time that tegan and i made chocolate mousse for your birthday to take down to lincoln for your birthday scrap booking night? Love and miss you, see you soon. Paige xo