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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Master M and Miss M

I just happened to have my camera with me yesterday at the Craft Fair here in Cummins. Master M and Sean are about the same age (ish) and get along well together. While his Mum was busy with her stall I took him under my wing. He has the most impish smile. I just love him heaps.
And Miss M has THE most hugest blue eyes. I have always thought about try to catch the light in her eye with a camera.
Well yesterday was the day.

In between boys being boys running around the stage in the hall, Marcus falling off the edge, (he's fine) and those two disagreeing over a particular toy, I managed a few shots.

Well a few more than a few.
With B's permission I am showing you a select few for you.


Meredith Treloar said...

Great photos Tiff! Really like the one of Miss M and Father Christmas in the background. What settings did you use? No flash? How did you achieve the eye sparkle?

:) Tiff said...

re settings for camera.
for the stage and father Christmas
the little lens
aperture 1.8
iso 1600
white balance set on the light globe or fluro. cant remember which.

Miranda sat by the door going into the hall to the toilets. indirect sunlight.
no flash
aperture 1.8
iso 1600

noice aren't they.
I rarely use any of the auto settings anymore.
unless I am not sure.

maryanne r said...

wow tiff, you have some pretty gorgeous ones there. very clever