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Sunday, December 7, 2008

father's day 07

I asked a online forum chick to describe my style and this is what she said.

Tiff.. all your pages look the same Well thats the wrong description.. you can tell you have created them all IYKWIM? The colour choices are always striking, the pages are very clean, the amount of different PPs you use is limited, your pics are larger, the page designs are very symmetrical and they always look 'polished'

At first I was a bit taken aback thinking .... what the, all look the same. But then I gave it some thought and dang me, she's right.

My style is called 'tiff'. I guess I was looking for some category to slot me in, (I couldn't find one) like minimalist or whimsy (lol A) or something.

But now I realise my pages are all very 'tiff'. So uniquely me.

And you know what? That's cool!!

So just to shake it up a bit I pulled together this one the other night. I tried to be opposite everything she said. But it still ends up very 'tiff'. LOL.

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