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Monday, December 1, 2008

finally.... bon bons x 16

I am so over these boxes. So glad I got these out of the way early and not left to last minute as they have taken longer than I thought. I used the .5 inch cut offs from the bottom of the boxes to garnish the lids as well as the bows. I have attached a clear tag with every family members name to a box. All 16 of them.

I had some lovely elf helpers in the names of Ronnie and Denise who helped to construct a couple of bows each the other night at Scrapworkz. Mwah to you both.
so yay.... onwards to next project.


sandra said...

wow Tiff!
These look AWESOME!
love each one of them... so many pretty papers in there!
well done!
ps great idea of using the left over strip!

Natalie said...

Bloody Hell!
Super impressive babe!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy, and yes I can imagine you would be over them... they look great Tiff. Sorry for posting mine last night and making you look at more.The site you gave us is fantastic I have spent far too much time on there, lots of photoshop tutorials. Last lesson with Karen tonight, have really enjoyed the classes.. she is very clever and knows so much.
Cute photos of Annie and Sean.

Rita said...

These are gorgeous!!! Wow, I am going to check out that link and make some of these for homemade fudge. That is if I don't eat it all before handing it out!!! BTW, great blog, glad I found you!

SueP said...

Great boxes Tiff, lovely combinations of papers! I just haven't got around to making one yet!!

I can imagine you would be over them!! but they look great so hopefully somebody will appreciate all your lovely work!

Meredith Treloar said...

These look fabo!! I am feeling inspired for Christmas day to get some whipped up ... now how many?? 10 adults and 8 kids!! Eeekkk!!