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Sunday, November 30, 2008

photos and more photos

I took a few shots of the kids for Christmas photo session. I hung a white sheet over my trellis and off we went. Forgot all about those pesky little flies. They were awful. Annie has hayfever eyes and couldn't handle the bright light for long. I reckon I managed 3 good ones out of 15. These ones are a variety of the good, the bad and the flies.

not the nose Sean.

ewwwww. more nasal excavation.


mucking around with the aperture for depth of field. I have been using more manual settings lately to give myself a challenge.

different depth of field

the best.

have been a bit slack on the blog front. I have no scrap projects to show atm, but plenty in the works. Have finished 8 of the 17 boxes for Christmas bon bons on our Firth Christmas Day. My sister in law has made the contents of the bon bons for years and I thought these boxes would be a perfect idea for them. So 16 plus one extra was ordered. Will post a pic of them all done in due course. (Many thanks to a couple of helpers last night at the Scrapworkz scrap a thon. More on that later)

I have a page half done. Been that way for a few days now. need to get off my backside and get that one done and out the way.
Christmas tree shoot yesterday. Kym was in for a while off the header so i grabbed the chance to put the tree up. This is a job I just don't enjoy. I don't know why it just erks me. Probably the thought of the more I put up or out for Christmas, the more i have to put away later. I even used to climb the roof to hang fairy lights. Not any more. I left the last lot up there until they fell down. That took a couple of years. LOL.

I usually don't put the tree up until Annie bugs me enough. So yesterday was the day. She even found where I keep the tree and decorations in storage and had it all in the lounge room ready to go. Not bad for a 6 year old. (Somehow I think Dad may have had a hand in that ;) )

The blue teddy dec was given to Sean for his first Christmas by some special friends of ours. Annie's special pink bauble was given to her for her first Christmas by the same family. A bit of a story with that one. 3rd time lucky in getting one home for her from Adelaide. So that's why is has 2003 on it. The 2002 first and second ones didn't make the trip. The bauble is so thin and delicate you can just about see through it.

Scrap a thon @ Scrapworkz last night in Lincoln. Leonie hosted 16 scrappers for a 2pm to 2am session. I got there about 9.30pm after Kym had knocked off from the header. I showed a few ladies how to fold up a Christmas box and the PP twisted ribbon on top. So now I cant wait for Denise, Ronnie, Amy, Carmen and Chris to email me their pics of their boxes to put on the retreat blog. (fingers crossed). Special thanks to Denise and Ronnie for constructing some of the twisted bows for my boxes. Really appreciate that a heap.

Got some more pics of another photo session but that will do for now.


Meredith Treloar said...

Great update Tiff!

See what you mean about the flies ... they are bad at the moment hey!

Great to see your tree up too!

Sounds like it was a good night at Scrapworkz.

Anonymous said...

Great photos Tiff - the 'nose' shots cracked me up !
A lovely one of the 2 kids you have as your blog header.
Kylie S

amanda hall said...

i like the nose picking one too - classic.

The one you say is the best makes me think that Sean has long hair - it always seems to shock me for a second when i see it LOL.

sandra said...

lol.. love it
the nose excavation pic makes me laugh..
great shots Tiff

SueP said...

i lol too, esp with nose pickin one. We always seem to capture one amongst our mob too!! Such treasures....and so are those damn flies!!