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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reap what u sow.

The silly season has started.

Went out at different times in the last couple of days to get some shots of my man in his element.

Wont forget the first time I went out yesterday. I had just unloaded the kids with Kym in the header cab to have a 10 min ride while I drove around the paddock to get different shots of the header.

As the header moved off, there was a terrible clunking sound. Loud enough for me to hear with the windows up and the air con going. It gave me pause to turn and look at a great plume of grey smoke coming out the back of the machine. Kym was still moving forward so I gather he didn't know about it.

I hit panic station.

Smoke=fire=in crop=very very bad=kids in header=holy shit batman.

I called Kym on the UHF "Stop Stop. u have smoke pouring out the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Forgot all about the camera and the reason why I was there. (of course)

Jumped a barb wire fence. Should have been an Olympic moment. Raced over to the header with my eyes popping out of my head. Smoke still pumping out of the back. And stink. Just like the hoons peeling rubber with their cars.

Kym jumped out of the cab and I raced up the ladder to grab the kids. Got them down carefully. Bit slippery with the dust all over the rungs let alone bloody filthy.

Found Kym with his head stuck up the bum of the machine. Diagnosis was a slipping belt on a pulley.

Thank goodness that's all it was. He reckons if I hadn't called up the belt would have broke. I seriously reckon it would have started a fire.

Ah me oh my.

Today was much better. Got the shots this evening. I liked Meredith's solar flare shot of her harvest pic so had that in the back of my mind.


Meredith Treloar said...

Great shots Tiff! Has given me a few more ideas for shots although a bit hard with the kids to get out there!! You did well!! Thank goodness no fire! Eeeekkkk! Did you hase a stiff drink or a congrats drink afterwards??!!

sandra said...

Oh boy! What a drama.... Thankfully no fire, that would of been a nightmare.
Great photos Tiff.

Meredith Treloar said...

OMG I don't like your blog comment section ... I just put a post together and it disappeared ... eeeekkkk!!!!

Enough is enough Tiff, we need layouts now!! Where are they?? We want LO's, we want LO's, we want LO's!!!

Challenge you in the next 24 hours to post at least one!!!

Or are you a tad busy with harvest?? If so I apologise. :-)

:) Tiff said...

just for you M is have changed my comment window.
thanks for letting me know. I have no idea if anybody else was having any issues.

challenge will be met head on.
will post it on tomorrow

Cassandra said...

Go Meredith, Go Tiff will look you's up tommorrow night you both crack me up.

SueP said...

Great photos of harvest Tiff, aplenty to scrap now!!

What a drama....glad tooo it wasn't a fire!! Things can be (are) so stressful at this time of the year ey??!!