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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

mum day

Boy I am struggling with scrapping at the moment.

Really had to push myself to sit and scrap. I actually sat and watched a movie on Austar for the first time for a long long time.

So I thought I had better rip myself into gear and dedicate some serious effort and stop 'fluffing around' with it. (hence my blog name)

I pulled some buttons off Kym's work shirt that was going into the rag pile to go down the shed. And blast, I needed one more. So armed with my quick unpick I stealthily opened his wardrobe door and pulled off the required button from a cuff of similar good work shirt. It's not like he buttons up his cuffs for work.

I was giggling a bit so when i told him what I did he was down right disgusted. Just shook his head and threw the quilt over his head to bury himself. I think I heard some muttering that sounded like 'bloody scrapping' and 'funny how you get them off but they never appear back on my shirts.'

Jeez. Can't he sew his own buttons back on *insert roll eyes* He was actually referring back to way back when i thought it would be funny to do what they do in the movies and rip the shirt off him and send all the buttons flying. Well the buttons flew and he got grumpy. I don't recall that bit in any of the movies.

anyway the buttons have a new home now.

the image has been cropped a bit. the edges are actually rounder and more pleasing to the eye.


sandra said...

I can just imagine K's face when those buttons went flying!
Great layout Tiff.
Wish I could put them together that fast!

Cassandra said...

Love this one Tiff. Reckon it could be submitted and snapped up. Great photo and mix of colour. Can see you now raiding the wardrobe poor Kym. Maybe next years harvest will be a bumper and can get some new shirts before he has none with buttons left LOL.