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Saturday, November 22, 2008

ta da

done done done.

a couple of whoopsies on the way.

In my excitement I made a boo boo with the red lid box. The music PP was supposed to be the lid but I got the measurements mixed around. Damn. It would have looked heaps better with the music notes on the lid. Oh well. The PP bow is very straight forward. Did find my adhesive wasn't strong enough as they kept popping apart so I ended up stapling. You cant see the staples so this would be heaps quicker.

Now the Sheer lid box. That was a 'bastard' to score and fold. Stiff unyielding stuff when folded into several layers. Had to hold the tongue in the right spot and say a couple of magic cuss words and then it came together. Had to hold this one with some invisible scotch tape as it wanted to spring open again.

Otherwise straight forward.
Easy way to make Christmas bon bons with a twist. (bright idea)
email me pics of your efforts and I'll post em here.

Your turn.


Cassandra said...

My god stunning Tiff relly love good on you for meeting your personal challenge.Pat on the back.

maryanne r said...

they both look fantastic tiff!
really too nice to give away!
clever clever girl.

maryanne r said...

ps. got December ST mag in mail, when I got home, will lend it to you soon.lots of christmas LO's.was so excited to get it, then SM the next day! almost as good as christmas!LOVE getting new mags!Think I might subscribe to SC too, as its pretty cheap ATM.
I confess "I DO have a magazine addiction".

:) Tiff said...

u funny chick. I saw SBM and thought 'ohhh goooddddyyyy. Masters.' silly me. one issue too early.