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Sunday, November 2, 2008

back on line.

what a violent lightening storm last night.
heaps of really close lightening and bloody loud thunder.

I should have been out under the veranda with the camera on a tripod trying to catch some lightening shots. Did give it a serious thought then the deluge came down.

And boy did it come down. 40mm. That's an inch and 60 points in the old measure. So I stayed inside.
Then at about 1.30am the power went out last night.It has just come back on at 2pm this arvo.

Entertaining kids without power in the dark house during the day while its still sinister outside was challenging. Found inventive ways to do most things.

Dug out my old microscope for Annie that has a little battery light. Checked out her hair and skin cells and my blood. She found it fascinating. Just as i did when I was little.

Anyway.... now I'm back on line.
Felt like I had my throat cut.....

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sandra said...

It was a fantastic storm wasn't it!
love storms!
I was with Relle last night... and all she did was rollover and go back to sleep.. so lucky!
Some of those thunder claps were so loud!

Thanks for the vote on Puzzle Sketches... nice to have a vote or two!
Would be nice to see some familiar faces on there too! These girls are coming to E2C next year too! Can't wait to meet them.