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Sunday, November 9, 2008

got 'im

at long last.

I have been stalking a snake that has been living under the pallets in my little hay shed that I feed the horse from.

About a year ago I first saw this snake. He was impressive then. A short time after that I found the skin that he had shed. Annie took it to school for show and tell. You could even see the skin that goes over the eye. That was right by the old freezer which I have lying on its back and use as a feed bin.

We went away for a week last summer and Sarah B was coming out once a day to check on Jerry (the horse) and to toss him some hay. Another snake skin. Freaked her out. Wasn't there one day but it was there the next. Esp when she had her little daughter with her.

Saw him again about a month ago. He made a dash under the freezer. I was about to stack hay bales in the shed that day. Needless to say I put them somewhere else.

After our 40mm of rain I was sweeping off the puddles of water of the rubber which is on top of the pallets. I stepped out of the shed for something and turned around to see a snake tail disappear under the pallets. ermm.....that was a bit close for comfort.

I have had my eyes peeled since the warm weather. Just as well.

Went to feed Jerry this morning and there the snake was. Just in front of the feed shed sunning himself. And where was Jerry I hear you ask..... about 6 foot away.

I shooed Jerry back out into the paddock and run up to where we keep the guns locked up. Came back to expect to see the snake gone. But no, there he was, hadn't moved a bit.

While I was lining up my shot Jerry came up to nose me. Had to shoo him away again and took my shot at the snake.

Got him.
One shot.

Jerry dancing around the paddock a bit. Then of all things he came up and want to nose the snake which was twitching around a bit. Really had Jerry's interest. So I grabbed some binder-twine and put Jerry in a different spot I have fenced off to feed him occasionally.

I feel like Annie Oakley.

*wink wink*


Anonymous said...

You go girl. Apparently there are snake repellent you can get don't know wheither there the go or not. Story kept me intriged glad you got him. Another scrabook page is it?
See you Wednesday can't wait.

possum11 said...

GOOOOO Tiff!! 410?? My dad's fave choice for snakes that won't leave the house paddock. One came back three times after being hoiked into the bush. Wasn't coming back a 4th time!!