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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Packed to go

I like to keep my stash portable. I love getting out to scrap. More of a social thing as I reckon I chat A LOT more than I scrap.

So to be portable most of my stuff is in tubs. And as I stress about leaving that one little thing home which will be the thing I want on my project, I take the lot.
Thank goodness I have a dual cab ute with a canopy. I dont reckon it would all fit in a hatch or a little car.
I cant downsize or organise myself to plan LOs or projects in advance to take only what I need for them. The very thought breaks me out into a cold sweat.
I usually have no idea or thoughts on whats coming up next. It just happens.
There are 5x 20 litre tubs. Sorted into these are my stamps, my American Craft thickers (yep, 1 whole tub just for them, I'm addicted), my Heidi Swapp box of products, and my chipboard stuff. In the chip box is my sewing box and my DMC thread box as well.
There are 5x 10 litre tubs. sorted into these are my inks, my rubons, my miscellaneous, blooms and leaves, paints and other wet stuff.
I take my suitcase which has my folder of scraps, my cutting mat, my cutter, all my laces and ribbons (and theres a fair bit of them), a few punches, buttons, other bits and bobs. And a large compartment box of lots of embellishments.

I take my totally cool tote. It always sits safe and sound in the booster seat. I have no idea how I could survive without this now. It has a lazy susan on the bottom so it can spin. If u havent got one, do yourself a favour and get one. You so will not regret it. I keep all sorts of stuff in this. too much to list. always on my desk, so everything is in reach.
Some of the scrap days and nights I go to dont have a sewing machine or xyrons so all that comes too. I have all the Xyrons but I do keep the 900 at home unless I know I will use it.
My tote bag with my in works album and my current child's album that Im working on comes with me. In that bag as well is a plastic compartment box of embellishments bits and pieces.
And the most important thing of all that is always packed is the eski. I have HERR Firth written on mine. DH has HIS Firth on his, so he can keep his pesky hands off mine. It has worked so far ;-D
While it may seem a lot, it actually isnt. Friends of mine have cupboards and drawers stuffed with stuff plus the gear that's actually out in their scrap space.

This is my office. I have taken over this room and call it mine. Straight after tea I disappear into here. I don't watch any TV at all because I am in here. Luckily it's big enough (sort of) to house another desk in there. So I am able to have stuff out on it and leave it there.

But it does have the very important bar fridge. (Another device used as shelving)

I am very aware of the kids tho, I don't leave any sharp things on there or anything that may tempt them too much. They are good tho. Both of them have only touched my stuff once, and I roared at them enough to not touch it again. And they haven't.

I am a bit lucky I guess. Would love to paint the walls, get rid of the panelling and put up lots of shelving, but it wont happen in this life. So I'll just stick with what I've got

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maryanne r said...

tiff, u really have got it down pat!!!! I wouldnt know where to start Im afraid, and just dont have the room to store all that gear let alone lug it around!!one day I may just get half as organised as you...but probably not!....mmmmm......I think I spied a cider bottle sitting somewhere there....