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Saturday, November 22, 2008

wish list with Miss T

Annie and Sean had Teagan stay over last night. What a blast.

Lots of giggling.

Annie and Teagan were looking for a project to scrap so I gave them the Christmas stocking for the Cummins Crafty Christmas Competition to have a go at.

And they had some fun.

Between the two of them, with some help from Sean, they paper mach`ed (?? on spelling) the stocking last night and left it to dry.

This morning was a hive of creativity.
And this is the end result.

clever chicks.


sandra said...

Well done girls!
Teagan had a ball at your place Tiff. Can't wait to see the stocking irl.
your boxes turned out fantastic!
Will get cracking on the challenge as soon as I can get to the computer tomorrow (At work at the moment... should of brought some pp with me ... drats!)

SueP said...

What a great Xmas stocking!!! I bet they had fun putting it together!