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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Do u set goals for yourself and then try to make them a reality.

I do.

I find it extremely self fulfilling to achieve one. In fact it gives me great satisfaction to say to myself 'if I want it bad enough, and I work hard enough, I'll get it'

Well I achieved a goal on Thursday. I had a bet with myself that by the end of 2008 that I would have a LO accepted by all 4 Aussie scrapbooking mags.

Whoo Hoooo. I did it. With only 16 days to spare.

I dont produce LOs to suit sub calls. Hell no. I scrap for me. If they like it - great. If they dont - so what, its for me in the first place.

I had to turn down an acceptance a little while ago by CK as I was lucky enough to have it picked up by SC.

I dont mean to sound as if I'm gloating, not at all. If you know me in irl that is so not me, but hell I am enjoying the ride atm.

So I need to set myself a new goal. Of this I am not at all sure. I dont scrap well under pressure. It seems to sap my creativity. So I am not sure which path to take next.

Any suggestions??


sandra said...

hmmmm....*insert thinking music*
get back to ya

janice said...

Congratulations Tiff this is a fantastic achievement and your layouts are so worthy of being published. Im sure we will see lots more next year. Might have to set myself a goal for next year to get one published!!!!

maryanne r said...

mmmm....not sure tiff, maybe to take on the us mags....if that interests you....not sure if it would be worth it.re.postage costs etc, but you could check it out.or maybe set a number to get published for the year.
not sure.