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Sunday, November 7, 2010

flat out....

man o man. Life sure busy. I feel a bit like a duck who is madly paddling under the waterline to look like I'm serenely moving along. Believe me, I am churning it up

In the last 6 days I've done 7 photo shoots as well as running around after commitments the kids have, family time and a little bit of one on one time with DH. He's been wonderfully supportive of my going out late in the afternoons to visit families for their sessions. He's been coming in early so I can go, picking them up from sports if  I can't, doing teas, getting kids thru their night time routines and I'm usually back in time to listen to them read in bed.

As soon as harvest starts (sooner than later as the menfolk are getting restless!!) things will slow down a bit, but not for long. I've two or three things brewing at the moment, gathering ideas and getting the homework done first.

So with so much happening there's not a bit of scrapping done. And to be honest, I really havent missed it. I guess the photography side of things is massaging my creative needs.

So forgive the lack of posts in the last week and in the forth coming week, I'm flat out with shutter action and processing as time allows. Oh and throw in a couple of committee meetings too.

have a great week.

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Jane Smith said...

Beautiful work Tiff.. enjoyed checking out your stuff!! XX