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Monday, November 1, 2010

shiny red paint

I had a shoot with a local business last week to promote their equipment for a glossy publication  :-)

Shooting around machinery had me right out of my comfort zone. I'm pretty glad I did some homework prior to the day as the PR chick from Adelaide was delayed by 1.5hrs so I had to wing it. The brief was to convey the close relationship of the business with their customers. 

I travelled to 4 different farms with the business sales staff to meet the 4 farming families and their shiny red machinery to get my job done. With one family the entire 4 generations were there. That was pretty special.

Obviously I'm not going to show any pics of those families here as I didn't ask their permission, but I can show some shots of the massive farming implements. Some of the machinery was simply intimidating and I really wanted to capture that feeling.


Gina B said...

Cool shots!!!. I never thought farm equipment could look so interesting.

amyf said...

these were a hit with gavvy