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Thursday, November 18, 2010

snap happy - most outstanding photographer

I had a wonderful afternoon this afternoon. I was very fortunate enough to collect this today.

One of the Year 12 students organised a Community Photography Exhibition as part of her Art curriculum. So I entered a few images. The judge, I'm told did not have an easy job with so many entries and a lot of talent showcased. So to come home with this award was a wonderful surprise. I guess I'm feeling validated. And it tells my DH that what I'm doing behind the camera is something a bit more serious than taking a few snaps.

Thank you so very much K for pulling together an awesome exhibiton that exceeded beyond all expectations, to the Cummins Op Shop for sponsoring the awards and to the other worthy winners.

And tomorrow is another project I've had brewing for a little while. The Year 12's are having their Graduation and I'm shooting the photography for this formal event. I am so very grateful that Laura agreed to come on board to be part of the team, otherwise there is no way I would have taken this on.

I've hired a venue to shoot the images. Looks the weather will be perfect, thank goodness after today's cool day and dampness. I've been writing a list of stuff I need over the last few days to make sure I don't forget anything. We start in the middle of the day and should finish by 7pm. I'm going to knackered by the end of it all. And I'm looking forward to Laura and I heading out for a swish dinner afterwards.... if either of us have the energy.

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