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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well I have a load lifted off my shoulders today.

All the processing for the Graduation shoot is done, CD's burnt, labelled, parcelled and posted. Emails sent and and sneak peeks on Facebook completed. I originally gave myself up to 2 weeks to get all happening, but I've managed to started from Saturday and finished this morning. 5.5 days. I have the flattest, shiniest butt from sitting in front of the 'puter for so many hours late into the night. Most nights were at least 1.30am before I got to bed.

I've 2 more photoshoots to get thru so there is no rest for the wicked ;op  And a very large assignment next weekend.

Because I've had the camera in my hand A LOT lately I very nearly didn't take it with me to the pool for Annie's class swim lessons today. I just couldn't be stuffed.

I should be spanked!!! And hard.

Being busy with other people's children is no excuse to neglect my own as far as taking photos go. After all taking photos of my kids for scrapping is what lead me down my current path of photography.

I did run back into the house for something else so I grabbed the camera bag as an after thought.

And I'm very glad I did.

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