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Thursday, March 25, 2010

aqua kids

We had a warm blast of Indian Summer just before our public pool shut for the winter season. So with the water warmed again (its solar heated) the kids and I jumped in for our last aqua photo session. This time I mainly focused on Sean and his antics.

But I couldn't resist this one of Annie with her mermaid hair. Her hair nearly touches the bottom while she floats at the surface. Wow.

I'm all packed for the E2C retreat this weekend but I did leave my laptop out to the last minute so I could do photo editing tonight. I just cant sit still and do nothing now can I lol.

I'm picking up Louise N early in the morning. Can't wait to catch up with her again. We met last year at a scrap weekend over in Adelaide and we got on like a house on fire. We are so alike in alot of ways. Lou is staying over for a few days after the retreat and I've plans to take up to North Block of Marble Range for the panoramic view. On a clear day its breath taking. Oh and a bit of scrapping too!!

I doubt I'll sleep very well tonight. I'm far too excited about this weekend. This is my first big scrap weekend being on the other side of the table (so to speak). I stepped back from the E2C team last year and the anticipation for the retreat this year is powerful. I know exactly how much work goes on behind the scene for the weekend to run perfectly so I would really like to congratulate the team in advance for the most look forwarded to weekend that I've had for a long time.

chink chink.

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Louise said...

Yeeeah ..Chink Chink!! :) :) :)