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Sunday, March 21, 2010

EP Camera Club - the wrap up.

*long post alert*

What an inspiring weekend.

I've come home very humbled, exhilarated, motivated and trigger happy.

None of my entries won anything, I really did not expect that they would. The whole reason for having a go was to broaden my horizons. Well, it certainly did that.

The winning pic for the year was indeed magnificent. As I'm still putting faces and names to photograph entries together I don't recollect off the top of my head the name of the lady who shot it.

This one of mine scored the best - 10/15.  I was pretty stoked with that.

Yesterday we had a photo walk comp. Some 25 photographers were given a sheet of 16 clues. We had to locate them, shoot them and have them back to be downloaded in 2 hours. I can tell you 2 hours flew. I was in a car with 4 people and by the time each person took their series of shots that time was chewed up. We had 20 mins left and still 4 objects to locate. So we ran from car to the spot, shoot, shoot, shoot, run back to the car, get to the next spot, etc etc etc. I watched what the others were shooting, their angles, the framing up of the object and did something totally different to them.

There was a curly clause chucked in the hints in small writing. All shots to be taken in horizontal mode. I think some of the people didn't read that one. lol.

We made it. We then downloaded our images, deleted all but the best one for each object. No editing allowed. All SOOC. These then were judged for overall effect for each shooter. These are some of my shots.
 the most well known letter M in the world (most of the photographers took pics of the Big M on the post, so I ran into the store and asked for one of their take away bags.)

Photograph a yacht at the yacht club. (most of the photographers took photos of an actual yacht)

how many elephants on Tasman Terrace. (most photographers took pics of the 8 in the business name.)

Photograph a horses head (just used a different angle)

Port Lincoln's newest pub (most of the photographers took pics of the building)

Air Force War Memorial (most of the photographers didn't use foliage to frame the shot)

A shot of the Anzac tree (most of the photographers took pics of the tree, where I wanted to signify the 'lone pine'

Propeller of the tuna boat Maria Louise (most of the photographers took pics of the whole prop)

shot of a seagull ( just in the right place at the right time with a lovely background)

Pacific Gull -worth 5 bonus points. (again lucky timing)

spiral staircase on the old Mill. (tried a few different shots and liked this on the best. A view from under the stairwell)

I was massively stunned when they read out my name as the winner. What a shock! What an honour! I was presented with this.

The trophy is all in the name of fun but an honour as well.

I've just joined the Lincoln Camera Club and I'm really keen to get a Cummins Branch off the ground. I have had a lot of support from Lincoln, Elliston and a very high up in the Association gentleman who lives in Whyalla who is keen as mustard to travel down to speak, educate and motivate our group.

I'm checking out what happens in camera club meetings by participating in Lincoln and seeing what I am committing myself too, before I fully go ahead with the plan. But I'm keen. Really keen.


Kirsty said...

Woohoo to you!!! Clever girly!

Binxcat1 said...

Well done you... from the moment I spotted that "lone pine" I KNEW you had it in the bag(excuse the lame, but fully intended pun!)... I LOVE your little quirky twists on all your shots. Thanks for sharing a new perspective.

SueP said...

Well Done Tiff!! Loved your interesting angles to the shots....and i can just imagine the rush to get all the shots done in 2 hours!

Cya next weekend!

Anonymous said...

woo hooo Tiff well done, good on you, and congratulations!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Tiff. Terrific photos! Well deserved winner of the competition!! Cheers, Margaret

Tanya said...

Well done Tiff!! Go you good thing! Creativity is in everything you do, it doesn't suprise me that you came out tops!! Great shots too - I love the lone pine one.

sandra said...

Congrats Tiff
These are brilliant shots.. love how you thought outside the square on a lot of them...
lone pine would have to be my fave as well.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Tiff, very creative photos ! and a well deserved award ! I'd be curious also to see what's involved with a Camera Club ... will keep in touch on that one :) Cya Friday !!

:) Tiff said...

thanks heaps guys. having a lot of interest in the Cummins Camera Club idea. I'm thrilled to bits.

Tanya said...

OH yes, keep me in mind for a CC. cheers.

:) Tiff said...

already had you on my list Tanya *wink*!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I soooooooo loved this post, congrats on winning, woooohoooo, you are amazing, thanks for sharing xx.