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Monday, March 1, 2010

size 10

***eta*** I txt a couple of friends last night to see if they had a little foot charm that I could dangle from the hat pin. Alas, no one had one. Sandra, being one very clever Chicky made me a little itty bitty footsie by quilling one. How cool is this. And how amazing is her mind. She's is constantly thinking up of things to apply on LO's somewhere down the track. This chick is one melting pot with brilliant ideas that flow forth.

Had a bit of a brainwave with this one. I had the outline of Annie's foot on a piece of note paper and I was going to use that. After a bit of thought I scanned it in to PS, played around with it and printed it onto Pink PP. I thought it worked really well. She likes it and that's the main thing!!
The tattered heart comes from Sheoak Craft Cottage. Lovely isn't it.


sandra said...

your welcome chook..
love this layout irl. very clever!
oh and love the 'document' layout further down as well.

Now fingers crossed that these comments load... I think I have commented 4 times already on the same layout! lol.

sandra said...


maryanne r said...

SANDRA=one very clever girl!!
fancy that a quilled foot.....and youre fulfilling that foot fetish of hers .lol