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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Lou left tonight.


What an amazing person you are. You are so nonplussed, grounded, and gracious. And a lady. Thank you for staying over the extra days after the retreat and mingling with my friends.

lunch at the 5 Loaves Bakery today. (no, its not my ice coffee!!)

You truly have won them over with you're being so down to earth and as they all have said "she's just like us!!"

When we first met last year at a scrappy weekend in Adelaide, (hostess with the mostess Nat), we both felt we had a connection. Well by hell, we have found so many more its just freaky. Not many similarities at all in a scrapping sense but oh so many in personality, family and attitude to life.

Life it to the full Lou, and smell the roses along the way.

oh and be sure to hold my reservation at Hotel La Nelson if Seriously gets their retreat organised.

Annie says you ROK.



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miasmummy said...

Yes, Lou, you ROK!! x

Louise said...

alllllllllllllllll right Im sooooo not ur no 1 fan now I suppose!!!! Mike luves u more!!!!! LOLOL

TU my friend ,...miss u already!!


header is FAB!!!!!!!!

sandra said...

I came away from my time with Lou inspired...my mind is still buzzing with creative ideas!
Thanks Lou!