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Monday, March 29, 2010

e2c10 wrap up

phew. awesome. simply awesome.

It was so different and wonderful being just a scrapper and not being involved on the team this year. I take my hat off to the girls this year. Yet again the bar has been raised and there is talk of next year as a definite. (Thank goodness.)

Just a couple of pics that I have the ok to post here. (thanks Lincoln girls for all giving me the ok on your group bunny pic).

I had the pleasure of sitting in with Louise Nelson and Ange on our table. I met these two most wonderful friends last year in Adelaide and it was just so lovely that we picked up from where we left off from them. I did watch how Louise does what she does out of the corner of my eye. Did I learn some new tricks!!!

(photo courtesy of e2c blog)

Lou's hanging around for a few days and tomorrow we're heading up North Block for a picnic lunch with Maryanne. Today was recovery and scouring Patches at the Bay and the second hand shop over in Tumby. And spending some quality time with Sandra.

I have had a few enquires over the weekend if I am doing a photo CD again. To be honest I hadnt thought of it until the first lady asked me. So I started taking a pic of just about everyone there and a fair few candid shots too. If you would like a copy please comment below, email  (most of you would have my email addy), txt, phone or Facebook me. I'll get in contact with you on how to get the disc to you and payment for it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff, Great to hear you had a great time. It was lovely to meet Angela and Louise, say Hi from me. I snuck a look at their work thanks for the inspiration girls. Also a big THANKS for letting me borrow some of your stuff, I really appreciate it. I would love a cd of photos please. I had a great time, the most productive retreat Ive been on. Luv Ya and talk to you soon. Gina B

sandra said...

Great photos Tiff. that one of the Lincoln Bunnies is a classic!!
It was a great weekend wasnt' it?
The countdown starts again.

Sandy C said...

Hi Tiff,
not sure if my comments have all ready been sent as I seem to be having a few problems. Just wanted to ask if its too late to put my name down for one of your CDs if you are doing them again.
Sandy C