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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

very excited.

Having a go with an underwater camera this arvo to capture Annie in the deep end of the pool with all her hair loose. I'm going to be on the bottom with a weight belt and flipping big flippers. Hope it all turns out ok. If not, it'll be fun having a go!!

Inspired by having a look here at Light on Kids, check out the underwater gallery..... I can only wish lol
ps. this fella is also known as Childish Dave. Ring any bells. Yep the guy that made those lurvely actions for Photoshop.


maryanne r said...

okay, so did you get laughed at wearing your flippers and weightbelt?? sounds funny anyway!
got the drawers today, thanks heaps for organising that!

:) Tiff said...

yep. all in good fun tho. I ended taking off the weight belt and the flipping big flippers (they really cut into my feet, I'll wear surf boots next time). Annie hated trying to open her eyes underwater as she is used to goggles. So we tried a couple of other things but I didnt get the picture in my mind. And it was flipping cold in the water.

We'll practise without goggles for next season.

Tanya said...

I did wonder what you were up to!! Didn't see a camera though... Hope you get the photo you're after - perhaps you'll need to head to the reef too!!! x