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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

cloud scapes

Every now and then there are some wonderful clouds in the sky and if you take the time to pause in madness of life, and look up they can take your breath away.

While I havw seen some magnificent formations in the last few weeks (typical autumn) I hadn't had the camera at the ready to capture them.

Today was nothing outstanding really, but I took some shots to have a bit of practise. DH thinks the extreme whites are a tad overblown and after walking away from the computer screen and then coming back for a look, I tend to agree. But as I said, it's all in the name of practise.

The last couple of days have been super busy with study study study. After a week or so gathering information, interviewing 2 photographers in the business, sorting out insurance for a 'theoretical' studio along with pulling together start up costs I have finally been able to submit the assignment. 10 down, 2 to go.

check out http://www.sharpshooting.com.au/ . Its everything you could dream off and then some. And he's in Port Lincoln. And he has a complete white studio AND a complete black studio. OOOOOOHHHHHHHH YEAH!!! I took my portfolio with me when I interviewed him, LOL he ended up interviewing me. I think I got his attention. Time will tell.

Now I can sit back and breathe a bit, and scrap a bit too. Oh and start thinking about the E2C Retreat the weekend after next. Lots to do before worrying about that tho.

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