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Monday, March 15, 2010

Photography exhibition

Eyre Peninsula Camera Club Association have an exhibit this week and this coming weekend in the Civic Centre in Port Lincoln. Whilst I am not a member (yet) it was an open comp so I was able to submit some photography for judging.

The public are invited to view the entries during this week and weekend. So if you have a spare couple of minutes, duck in and have a look.

There is a presentation dinner on Sat night that DH and I are attending. We are also having a whole night off without children. whoo hoo.

I have hopes for one particular entry, but I'm just in it to give it a go. Never know if you don't try.


miasmummy said...

Good Luck with the comp Tiff, you never know if you never have a go!

maryanne r said...

good luck!
Might see if I have time to pop in for a look on wednesday.

sandra said...

Good luck Tiff!!
Have a great day and night!!!

Marcy said...

Hope it went well tell email I'd love to hear from you ...good luck ahh phooey you're all talent you dont need any of that luck smuck!!!LOL
oh and if they dont pic your pic well...they must be (keeping it PC and G rated) visually impaired and unable to recognise flavour!!!!LOL