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Monday, May 17, 2010


I've long lamented on the fact of colour control on PCs. Be they laptops or desktops. It came to a head when I noticed the laptop colours were so different to my desktop colours. The same issue with brightness and contrast too.

So I researched, and researched some more and I've just calibrated both my computers with this.

The difference from before to after the calibration is remarkable. Amazing actually.

Now I know when I am processing a photo shoot that I can pretty much guarantee correct colour control on my end. Whilst I can't say the same for the Photo Labs, their printers, the customers computer and any other device that displays/prints photos, at least I can eliminate one possibility of error that may have been mine.

Wouldn't it be a wonderful world where all monitors that display colour were calibrated exactly the same. Alas, that would be far too easy wouldn't it.

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Stephen said...

Had the same concerns some time ago and bought the Spyder 2. Should have got 3 but thought it was too expensive. I have been having problems with monitor colour verses printer rendition and haven't found the answer. Have also compared monitor colour after calibration with the Spyder 2 and commercially printed photos. Still not happy. Just hard to please but I do like to get the end result that is as close to "real" as possible. How's the new camera?