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Saturday, May 8, 2010

last few days

Wow. Where did this week go????!!!

I did a fitness class on Monday morning which left me really sore for the rest of the week. I quivered when I walked lol. Monday also saw me over in Tumby cleaning house, photographing the carpet that I pulled up for an insurance claim, cleaning windows and hating every moment there in that house. I am sure that with the new carpet and a paint job is will be so much nicer. As it was we planned to renovate the bathroom so that will get done as soon as poss as well. Monday night saw me asleep by 8.30pm. I was absolutely, completely stuffed. Kym could see just how sore I was and he even offered a massage. Jumped all over that suggestion. Bliss.

Tuesday. Bloody sore. My quads had the biggest workout the day before and they were in definite protest. To go to the loo, I had fall onto it and climb up the vanity to get off. It would have been funny to be a fly on the wall. Hair cut for Sean, Dr for me, Annie had Gym after going to the dentist in the arvo.

Wednesday. Sore. Pilates class. And finally it clicked. This was my third session and to be honest I was getting a tad frustrated in myself. All I was giving myself was a sore back and no core workout at all. This week was different. I don't know what happened, it just clicked. I had the most wonderful time with Janice, Sandra, and June. We had a Cuttlebug day. Janice was the hostess with the mostess and served up scrummy pumpkin soup for lunch. Lots of embossing, die cutting and Sandra sanding like a demon!! Plenty of laughs too.

Janice made these gorgeous hearts full of chocs (sxuse the out of focus photo. I really don't do well with my 10 year old digi dinosaur. I've heard about my camera and it will be here shortly. BIG YAY)

and Sandra surprised us with Mojo Sticks. (This woman is so full of ideas!!!)

I think we are heading to Maryanne's next for a punch up. ;oD    After School and Kindy we had Netta training for Annie and Mini Minis for Sean. I fell asleep that night in Annie's bed while she was reading her reader to me. Little bloss, tucked me in and let me sleep until I woke up later.

Thursday. Kindergym for Sean. I stretched out those quads again. By now I didn't quiver quite so much unless I over strided lol. I headed down to Lincoln for the Thursday scrap nite @ Scrapworkz (hi Leonie). This is probably my last one there for a month or so while we are seeding.

Friday. Lincoln with Sean. Exchanged laptop on the rental contract, data transfer, shopped and stuff. Back in Cummins to pick up Annie from X Roads and trot around to Gym for her extra training for her comp in a couple of weeks. Booked in for the circus. Roared back home, and scoffed down the yummy calamari that Kym had cooked up. Then out for a Tupperware party with a glass of wine or two.

Saturday. Panadol. lol. Today was the first hunt of the season. Did I go??? Nup. Did I go to Footy?? Nup. It was a beautiful day that I spent mostly indoors going thru the mountain of bills, reconciling the working account, scrapping paperwork, and getting this blog up to date. All the while cooking 4 litres of pumpkin soup and a yummy corned beef for tea. Oh and being Mum.

Now I can scrap with abandon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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