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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

free as the wind

I've been messing around with the camera the last few days getting my eye back in the game. With some very helpful advice from Maryanne on the use of Jerry Jones Textures I finished up with this little beauty. It's also going to be one of my entries in the Camera Club Comp on Monday night.

I am so pleased with DigiCam on Halifax St in Adelaide. (in the white pages). That's who I sent the camera to for service and a clean. And the issue of some spotting on the top part of the images is gone. Yahoo. So I can recommend them for servicing your camera. I must mention tho I was a tad disappointed how they packed it to be sent back to me. I had the body and the two lenses packed in their original boxes, well padded inside a Postpak box. I had the parcel hand delivered via a friend and it was picked up to be brought back by another friend. Instead of returning it well padded in a Postpak the three original boxes were put in a green grocery bag. So please insist that it be boxed well if someone is picking it for you on your behalf.


Zach said...

I don't know much about photography, but i like the dandelion!

Christine said...

Wow Tiff, this is an amazing photo, I love everything about it!

sandra said...

GORGEOUS photo Tiff. LOVE it.