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Saturday, May 15, 2010

softly softly

My answer to the Color Room Palette 6-His Room for this week. Very loosely based on a Ann-Chirstin LO.

Thanks Sandra. ;o)

Those curly thingies are twisty ties. Also inspired by Ann-Chirstin. And Louise Nelson has used florist twisty things too. I found a really long one in my toolbox (one that Kym is banned from otherwise my tools go for a walk and are never to be seen again). I twisted it around a rubon stick, trimmed it to size and viola, instant 'twisty thingies' lol.

The ruffled border idea came from the Scrapbook Trends blog. I see it Amanda spotted it too and has used it on her latest LO as well. I changed it a bit and looking at it now I wished I had run a line of straight stitch in green from left to right. oh well, 'tis done now.

Have a great weekend.


sandra said...

YOur welcome
Oh this is beautiful.
Great example of grabbing inspiration from different places and then incorporating them on a page.
love it Tiff.
Beautiful pic too.

Christine said...

So pretty and sweet! I love that whimsical journalling

Kerryn said...

Beautiful layout and photo Tiff!!

maryanne r said...

awww, so sweet,
very pretty too.
very clever too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff, thanks for the love on my blog, have loved seeing all your Color Room projects, now I have some time, I simply must get over there and do one, have been dying to :):):)

Kylie said...

Ooo, I like this page Tiff ! Lovely photo, colours and sweet journalling .. very spesh !:) x

SueP said...

Lovely colours Tiff, and i like the ruffled paper effect too!...and the Prima recycled packaging there too, i have some saved in my stash...so nice ey?!