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Monday, May 3, 2010

tick tock

My LO in response to Sue's sketch LO challenge over @ E2C. The sketch was based on Maryanne's LO Wrestle that currently featured in 'what's cooking' in this months Scrapbooking Memories magazine.

That watch face in the top right corner is the actual watch in the photos. I didn't keep it just for this LO, but happened to find it today in a drawer. What amazing timing (pun intended)

Annie's currently doing 2 extra trainings a week at Gym for a competition in 3 short weeks time. Last year Port Pirie, Mount Gambier, Port Lincoln and our club all competed in Port Lincoln. I would like to show Annie that Gym is a bigger thing than just going thru the motions in our club and that there are other clubs out there. I hope it will open her eyes a bit and motivate her to fly. Especially when we watch the older kids in the afternoon of the comp. I'm told those competitors really can fly. So we are at Gym training at least 9 times over the next 3 weeks. Thank goodness we live only 10 mins out of town. It wouldn't matter if we lived half an hour away, she enjoys it that much. She has another young lass from her group that is going for it too which is great company for each other. Thank goodness the camera will be back by then. I'll need to charge up the video camera batteries and have Kym drive that so I can shoot the stills.


Marcy said...

awesome layout Just love it and I so go in for stickin stuff on thats relevant to the story.That paterned papers pretty cool...it is??? Good luck lil Annie maybe mommie will get a trophey to take photos of and scrap!LOL

maryanne r said...

very cute,
love your clock,and the tick tock letters too.

Anonymous said...

Whats the date of Annies Gym competition? Paige xx