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Sunday, May 2, 2010

mini debutante

The idea for this one has been bubbling in my head for a while and I managed to get a good start on it up at Shabby Chick Shack last Friday night.

I'm really pleased with it. It's pretty much how I had imagined it except the font is a bit small. It says:

You felt so very special when you tried on Mum's Debutante dress. Mum wore it in 1986 when she was sixteen years old. It was also the bicentennial year for South Australia (150 years of settlement). Anyway there you were in an adults size 8 and you being a child size 6. It took quite a few pins to hold it all together. And you did look beautiful.

The lace work was very carefully cut from a delicate doily and adhered with spray adhesive.



Marcy said...

This rock OUT! I love the history and the photos are spectacular you clever gal!

Kerryn said...

Wow! That cut out doily is so effective!!

maryanne r said...

tiff I would love to see a pic of you wearing the same dress, alongside a pic of annie,kind of a then and now theme iykwim?