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Monday, May 31, 2010

seeding 2010

The things I do to keep my man sweet.

I skinned my shin bone will lying down on the box of the air seeder to catch this shot. I try to take some pics every season (seeding and harvest) from a different perspective.

Seeding 2010 -  tick.


Jane said...

fantastic shot Tiff - Love it - and the sunflare looks excellent

sandra said...

oh this shot is effen awesome!!
just love it!
I can see this on a calendar!!
hey great fathers day gift for Kim!

janice said...

Wow!!! great photos Tiff.
You are a very clever chick!!!
Hope we dont have to wait to long to see some layouts on here.
Hope your little chick is feeling much better today, hugs for her.xx

Kirsty said...

Great pic...well worth the injury I would say!

Marcy said...

awesome pic ...very now, after our rain here, from what I've been told!

Anonymous said...

awesome photo...love it! Tatum xx