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Friday, May 28, 2010

colour room palette 8

the color Room - Family Room.

oh so rich and inviting.

can't wait to to fossick thru my stash of papers and I have a Heidi Swapp overlay that works with the sketch perfectly.

with one thing and another happening, I've been struggling to scrap this week. I get one LO together that I'm really happy with, and the next one I struggle with and it ends up like crap. Just so I can get it done and move on, it stays as crap. Sooo frustrating.

It might be something to do with me running a bit flat this week. I've felt a bit like a deflated tyre. I have just enough in me to get thru the day but I'm totally sapped in the evening. I've been sleeping much more than I normally do. Last night I was asleep by 9pm and up this morning at 7a. I normally hit the sack somewhere around 1ish most nights, so 9pm is so out of character. Sean has had one of those full of snot bugs that's getting around, and that usually leads into an asthma episode. If we hit it hard enough, early enough, we can usually knock it off reasonably quick, which was the case this time thank goodness. But while he was really not well, we stayed home. I missed going to a number of things that I usually commit to each week, so we've had a bit of a hermit week. This in turn has lead me to feeling a bit flat.

I've been out of the house taking photos for a number of photo comps that are coming up, as well as for the Camera Club. I probably got a strange look or two when I was standing outside the council office shooting their gorgeously autumn coloured glory vine yesterday. I was also on the back of the box of the air seeder taking a few pics of the machinery to keep Kym sweet.   ;o)

Any RFC mini minis or minis parents reading this, please have your boys dressed in the club gurneys for training next Wednesday night. I'm setting up a shoot of  the kids doing the Toyota Jump for a comp. If we are lucky enough, and if the boys jump really well, we'll have a training session run by Andrew McLeod and Kurt Tippett.
Annie has a couple of friends staying here tonight, so no doubt that will cheer me up. I reckon I'm on my way up now as yesterday was just blah. Today was brighter, so tomorrow will be fantastic. You know me, I'm a glass half full type of girl.


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Kirsty said...

Hope you start to feel better chick!