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Saturday, March 5, 2011

annie's sports day - pictorial report

Annie had a great Sports Day. This is the first year of being in the Flinders House (yellow). Some of the jumping events were done prior to sports day at the town oval as there's no pit of sand for the landing. Annie did really well with long jump and was recognised for her effort  :O)

 200 metre sprint. coming around the sweeping bend.

Her favourite event was the shot-put. Each throw was better than the last. 3 throws and the furtherest was counted. I don't know her final distance. bummer.

relay race. going round the cone.

So very proud of Annie. She put in 100% effort. It's all about participation and giving it your best shot. Winning is a bonus, but not the main goal. Having fun is!!

Flinders were the third out of 3, and the Primary Sports Day totals are added to the Secondary Sports Day (held on the following day) for the final tally. So I'm not sure what the final result is.

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maryanne said...

they ran out of time at secondary sports day too.Think they have an assembly early next week to announce the results, kinda wont be as fun then, the kids all go a bit feral and celebrate loudly at the end of sports day....go eyre!!