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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am so frigging excited.

Its all confirmed and I've booked the flights.

I'm heading over to Kangaroo Island for 7 days towards the end of this month on a photographic tour with Pete Dobre. At this stage there is 4 of us that he's tutoring on landscape photography and on anything else that pops up. The very nature of photography is to expect the unexpected so who knows what else we'll get up too.

We'll be up pre dawn to post sunset capturing the essence of KI. And spending a bit of time at Remarkable Rocks at different times of day on different days. (the light is ALWAYS changing, so the mood of the landscape changes.)

A friend and shutter sister, Ann, from Port Lincoln is coming on the same trip and she's the one who planted the seed of an idea in my mind (and I thank her deeply)

I had plans of heading up to Babinda, just south of Cairns in June/July to meet a wonderful online friend and owner of Scrap Therapy. After Cyclone Yasi swept through with such devastation, I was left unsure of what I should do. Thank you Lee-anne for your blessings on my trip to KI. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These last few days have left me sad and mortal. Grandma ma ma marmalade (my kids' personal nickname for their Great Grandmother) passed away and we travelled over to her funeral. Annie found it very difficult and whenever she saw me in tears she would just crumble. It broke my heart. In her words "I just cant stand it!!" And she bloody well meant every word. She was very aware of what was going on and I had a yarn to her before hand to give her an idea of what to expect. But the strength of her distress really got to me. We had lots of cuddles, a big box of tissues and just time to give her the chance to express herself to get those feelings into words and get them out.

Sean's aware of dying is a part of living and that one day we all will die. I just hope I can have the dignity that Grandma had.


sandra said...

that post took me from
excited for you about KI
but just feel for poor Annie.
It is so hard for us adults to cope, for a child it must be confusing and heartbreaking.
big hugs to you all chook

Heather Jacob said...

wow Tiff, how exciting going off on a divine place to shoot pics good on you but by the looks of your work you are pretty darn good already !!!! awesome blog and your photographs are nothing short of amazing .... stunning and outstanding .. looks like you have a great sense of humour by the pieces I have read on you blog ..
I'll be back .

god bless your grandmother it is fantastic that you knew her so well and the memories are forever take care xox

SueP said...

Wow...that is exciting stuff...going to KI, you and Ann will have great time....great place for photography too!!

Thinking of you with your ma ma ma,