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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KI trip - day 3

Wet wild and windy morning. We all got up for the sunrise that never happened and it was a wash out but I did manage these two before the rain set in. And these ended up being my best for the day. We all were asked to go for the long exposure to create the mist and the milky sea.

 Back for a leisurely hot breakfast in the dining room before we commenced on inhouse workshops. Lots of questions, answers, PS education, bouncing flash work, aperture explanations with practical demos, and finally, FINALLY, the sun broke thru the clouds for very brief intervals. Still showering on and off, more often on than not. Had a look at Browns Beach and spent a short time there, before we headed around to Pennington Bay.

Big wave action at Pennington and lots of sea mist coming up because of the waves smashing onto the rocks and beach. Really messed up the glass on the camera and lenses.We are heading back there tomorrow as it is just stunning and to have a bit of sunlight and a whole lot less wind. I have my shot in mind.

Dinner in the Kangaroo Island Seafront Resort Restaurant. Lots of laughs and chatter. Today our group really bonded as we were inside for so much of the morning.

Tomorrow the weather is improving and we get serious. Really seriously into shutter action. Up before sunrise again, so I best be getting to bed.


miasmummy said...

Sounds like a busy but exciting time for you on KI, am enjoying your updates! x

Gina B said...

Hi, sounds like you are having a great time even though the weathers not playing fair. We will miss you tonight. Love the second shot. Can't wait to see the next lot of photos.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots Tiff! You'll be able to teach me all about long exposures when you get back!! ;-) Thanks for blogging your way through KI, it's great to hear about what you all get up to over there. Here's to many more awesoem shots!! xox PS it's "me" hehe