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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

KI trip - day 7

Sunrise today was a no go. Not even a glimmer of a chance of the sun popping through. So instead of trying to get the whole conglomerate in the one shot, I focused in one just one of the rocks. This one had the orange lichen that was just so bright!!

On our way to Western River Cove we stopped at a very picturesque spot for a group photo. Lots of cameras on tripods and using timer delay..... and a lot of clowning around!!!!

Western River Cove is such a beautiful and tranquil spot. A river runs into the sea and its just so peaceful there. I think this is my favourite beach so far....

While there I found this very new bolt and nuts on a rock on the river bank that's right by the sea. For the life of me, I haven't figured out why this is here or a use for it. None the less, it was a macro moment.

We stopped on the road while on our journey to Snelling Beach to view the vista and shoot panos.

We cut through the middle of the island via Timber Creek Rd (yes I did think of you Nadine!!!) to Pandana for a quick late lunch before we hit Little Sahara. Imagine the sand dunes at 7 Mile Beach and you'd be pretty close to what we were seeing. We climbed over the 1st dune and kept going to get to the pristine untouched by feet dune. Man, my calves and knees were burning..... but we all got there. We only just made it by 10 mins to shoot with the sun out before that disappeared. Gotta have the late sun to cast the shadow of the ripples.

Pete held all our hardware while we jumped off the edge of the sand dune. Jacob took this one with his IPhone. Talk about a man ready with a lens for every occasion..... lens envy praps..... lol

From here we went back to Remarkable Rocks to see if there was a possibility of the sun coming out. After a bit of discussion, we canned the idea and went back to the Resort. We had previously arranged to have our dinner very late, so we had plenty of time to clean up and download images off the camera.

I discovered that after downloading the images and formatting the CF card, I had files missing. I had nothing from the macro bolt onwards. Half a day with nothing to show for it. I was disappointed and frustrated to say the least. I had a yarn to Dave (one of our group who's PC savvy) and after downloading a program and spending some time with it, he managed to recover them.

I planted a big kiss on his cheek, and jumped up and down on the bed in my joy. He is my hero!!!! And a wonderful bloke to boot.

 More dramas at dinner time. The resort has a number of wallabies and a possum that call it home. The possum became a bit of a nuisance after it made its way onto our outdoors table. Being the farmy chick that I am, I grabbed it by the scruff of its neck and hind feet to take it away. I had it nearly outside when it bit into my thumb. Little varmit!! He escaped leaving a good bit of fur behind. A bit of antiseptic later and a band-aid and all was fixed.

I got to bed very late (1.15am) so I could work on my pics and catch up on time lost when we recovered those files. I only had 4 hours before I had to get up for the sunrise.

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