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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

braces - one month

a month ago Annie had braces put on her top teeth.

this was then.

this is now.

already there is a huge difference. Particularly with her eye teeth coming down even further and the gap at the front has narrowed a bit.

I am so very glad that we decided to do a photo every Monday to catch the progress of the moving of her teeth. And she can see a lot of difference in these shots too, so it makes it worth while for her too.

We will miss her appointment for her first adjustment as we will be away for her Great Grandmother's funeral.

  Annie has not really had any discomfort at all this last month and only one tiny little ulcer that bees wax helped solve.She's really on the ball as far as brushing her teeth after each meal. She does it at school too. I'm very impressed with her being so responsible with her teeth.

Pretty darn proud really!!

1 comment:

Gina B said...

Wow! Amazing difference in such a short time.
By the way my Nanna shoes took about 3 days to get used to but have made such a difference. Well worth it.