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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Ahh. its great to get back into scrapping again.When the camera's been busy, that becomes my priority and scrapping takes a back seat. At the moment I am all up to date with shoots, post production of those shoots, the farming business bookwork and accounts are all done for the month, so now I can head to Kangaroo Island for the photographic tour with Pete Dobre with a very clear conscious. 

I fly out to Adelaide on Monday with Ann from Port Lincoln, have a day stocking up on supplies (I'm leaving all my toiletries here and buying what I need in town to save on luggage weight). The laptop and tripod plus clothing needs to weigh less than 15 kgs, so I'm trying to save kilos and grams here and there. The camera bag is coming on board with me (got all that sussed out). I hope to have a quick trip into Photographic Wholesalers for a couple of little things I need photography wise, otherwise I am all set to go. And I am raring to go!!!!!!! 

I'll be back home on Tuesday week just in time to start preparing for the Escape2Create Retreat. And I think I'm pretty much sorted for that, other than journaling strips for a bunch of LO's.

I am very grateful to Kym for understanding my desire to go to KI and for him picking up the reins at home to be Mr Mum and the Chauffeur to all the kids commitments. Quite frankly I was more than a bit surprised for him to say yes so readily after we compared our diaries and found that yes the timing all worked out. Thanks Hun. Your'e the Best!!!

I'm heading out with Laura tomorrow later afternoon to the west coast for a seascape shoot to get my eye in. Most of our time in KI in on the coast, so this will be a great warm up.


SueP said...

You have been scrapping up a storm lately Tiff, love to see you getting back to it!! and wow...at been almost organised for the retreat!!! I better get my butt into gear.

Have a good trip to KI, can't wait to hear all about it and see your pics!!

It seems everytime i pop in here lately the header has changed and have to check to see if i am in the right place LOL!! Great pictures Tiff!

cya soon. xx

Marcy said...

awesome some Tiff Time!!! CREATIVE juicy Tiff time!!! Have a ball soak up the learning creative enviroment and dont forget a bolle or two!!! :)