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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

KI - day 7

Up bright and early (5.30am) to have our last chance of sunrise on Remarkable Rocks. I would strongly recommend beanie, scarf and lots of layers if you go there. I was warmly rugged up, but some others felt a bit chilly in the pre dawn light. Only 3 of us this morning. Jacob chose not to come and Ange with her partner had their alarm clock fail on them. (not happy Jan!!)

Well we had a spot of sun that lasted maybe 1 and a half mins and man, did our shutters go mad. We were all in one spot and as soon as we had that one in the bag, we all sprinted on the rock to the other side to get another angle before the light disappeared. I think I had one image done at the new spot before that sun went. And that was it. It didnt come back.

In my room at the resort there was a lovely shot of the rocks that really captivated me and that was the one shot that I dearly wanted to get.


And talk about timing. This crow flew over as I took this shot. I love it!!

After a sumptuous breakfast and check out and we travelled from one end of the island to the other to catch the ferry. 

We pulled a swifty on Pete while he was in the reception settling the account. We all piled in our bus and took off to a spot out of site. :O). By the time he found us we had played around with the enterance sign for a group shot. Taken with Ange's camera balancing on a fence post.

We had a quick stop back at Pennington Beach to see it in all its glory with the sun out.

And another quick stop at Island Beach to see it in full sun. This is the best beach of all the island in my eye. Much like Farm Beach at home.

Quick stop to grab lunch before we boarded the ferry. While we've been travelling anywhere we are all on our laptops processing flat out or Facebooking our images (when we had signal lol)

At Cape Jervis we said goodbye to Ange and Brian. Lots of hugs and promises of keeping in touch via Facebook. Dave was dropped off next. I felt a bit sad to say goodbye at this point. Jacob was dropped off at the Airport to catch his Melbourne flight. He promised to take me to the best Russian restaurant if ever I'm in Melbourne.

Pete ended up having dinner with Ann, her daughter and I at their unit in North Adelaide. This was a great chance to really relax and talk about all sorts of stuff. No holds barred and no topic uncovered. Havent laughed so hard for the longest time.

Ann and I kept working on our images after Pete said his farewells. It was late before I got to bed and up early to catch the 8am flight home Tuesday morning. As it turned out Lincoln was fog bound until 10.30am when we boarded. (2.5hrs late). I didn't mind at all as I hadn't have anything pressing at home other than Gymnastics in the late arvo.

Ann and I sat in the Qantas Club and I continued to work on either my blog or images. Very comfy seats in there.

Pete's doing a photographic tour on the Great Ocean Rd in Feb 2012 and I've booked my seat. I had a yarn to Kym and he's so supportive of my going... so very thankful for that. Just as long as it's in the later part of Feb as Kym's away shooting for the Clay Target State Team in the first part of Feb. From what I've heard from Pete, Kym and I are both able to do what we would dearly love to do.

What have I learnt from this trip.....???????  A whole lot more than the camera and images. I've learnt to not take anything for granted, to find the passion and keep it firing hot, to search for and appreciate the little things that are around us, the motivation from being around other like minded souls and the value of friendship. And as Pete is known to say... KEEP ON THE PROGRAM!! (location joke)

I'm on such a high and not likely to come down for a while. I've a very large weekend coming up with a Scrapbooking Retreat! Luckily I've already trained in sleep deprivation from being away.  lol.

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maryanne said...

glad to hear it all went well.
have a bit of a fondness for KI, my mum and dad used to visit regulary as dad used to shear at a property there, they became lifelong friends with this family, and my brother was born there.My cousin used to have one of the hotels in kingscote, and also KI is where I met scruff too.
Havnt been there for many years, but its something we do talk about doing...one day!
youve got some great shots.