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Saturday, March 26, 2011

KI trip - day 6

Up extra early (5.15am) to head down to Remarkable Rocks to shoot the sunrise. Well we waited and waited and the sun was a no show as far as casting golden light on the red rocks. Never mind. Still have two more opportunities to get it.

Lovely breakfast at the Resort before we headed out to catch koalas and Tamar Wallabies in front of our lens. oh and the occasional feral Dobre  ;op

Most lovely lunch at the Flinders Chase Cafe in the Visitors Information building before entering the park to head on down to Admiral's Arch. This is magnificent area. Just breathtaking. This is my HDR effort.

New Zealand fur seals.

Headed to Vivonne Bay for a while. We were encouraged to tripod and go macro.

Early tea before roaring back to the Remarkable Rocks to catch the evening light. The cloud cover beat us to it, so we had a bit of a yarn about our options for the evening. We came back to the Resort and Ann, Dave and I had a play with light painting with great results. Dave has a very nifty red globe on his torch!

 to explain what the PO means.... its that awesome feeling when you know that shot is THE shot and its in the bag..... its a PHOTOGRAPHIC ORGASM..... (meaning and definition as 
quoted by Pete Dobre)

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