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Sunday, March 13, 2011

the east coast

Went out for a jaunt with Laura and all our kids today. We hit the movie theatre to watch Yogi Bear and then went for a coastal drive in search of a spot to take a few shots.

I've deleted most of mine (I'm my own worst critic) but kept these ones. The one I was really after was a bust, but I learnt from it. I'm also getting the hang of using ND graduated filters as I'll be using these fairly extensively when I go to Kangaroo Island for my Photographic Tour next week. (8 sleeps)!!!!  (thank you Laura so very much for the lend of them. I'll be investing in my own set me thinks

 this is my HDR attempt. There was a flock of geese that flew over just at the right time :O)   they are in the middle above the water line.

My Panorama attempt. This is about 10 shots stitched together.

Using leading lines for the shot. In hindsight I would moved myself just a bit lower to raise the bird above the horizon.

The long exposure shot just didn't work for me today. Damn it. I've seen one of Laura's on her camera and she seriously rocked it. That one shot is what she worked on today and she nailed it. I hope she thinks its worthy of going up on her www.

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