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Sunday, October 9, 2011

cummins 100th show 2011

What a cracker day for the local show. The weather was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!  There was lots to do for the masses of people there. And the crowd numbers were way up. In fact I don't think I've seen it better. This is in despite of the Team Penning 2 day comp was cancelled due to treacherous conditions underfoot. If they had been there, the size of the crowd would have been amazing.

The committee has worked hard for months and months to get the 100th show to be a special one. Extra rides (thanks Stacey and Emily for taking Sean with you!!), heaps of  'ye old day' activities, (blade shearing, bag lumping and bag sewing), old vintage cars, the old tractors were pretty cool. Sean had a ride in the CFS truck on the oval during the Grand Parade. He's a bit of a show pony I think!!

He also had his face painted

and went home not long after that as his asthma (which has been steadily building over the last couple of days) didn't respond the the ventalin in my hand bag.

I stewarded for the Junior Photography and helped out the Senior Photography. I put a few shots in and I did come away with the Champion Photo. I was pretty chuffed with that.

Laura had the honours for the digital section, and I came runner up by a point. She so deserved it. Her work is nothing short of breath taking.

Annie collected Sean's certificate and prize for the most points in the Cereals and Fodder Section. He was home on the nebulizer by this time.

Annie really got into the wrestling show that was on during the day. According to her, that was her favourite thing.

All in all, it was the best show Cummins has put on. It should be nominated as the 'Community Event in 2011' during next year's local council Australia Day awards. The committee surely deserve it.

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Kathryn D said...

It was a wonderful day out, being the 100th there was alot of history and was fantastic to see it out on display. Pity about the team penning.

The exhibition in the hall across town was also worth a look and the people who put that together did an amazing job. Fantastic talent up in Cummins and surrounds, and it keeps going thru the generations!!