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Monday, October 31, 2011

proud as....

..... a peacock.

Meet Ben.

He's our gorgeous but confused male Peacock in full feather and shakes his thaaaang at everything but the Pea Hen. She totally ignores him, most of time. But every now and then, when he's strutting his stuff to one of the chooks, she comes up behind where he can't see for his elevated tail, and pecks him on the butt. That's deflates his ego quicker than you can blink.

 She definitely wears the pants out of  those two.

They are so fun to watch and have around. I had a photoshoot here one evening, and they both strolled down into the wild oat patch to see what we were up to. They hung around just to keep an eye on things. And when we finished in that spot, they walked alongside us to the next location. The kids loved them.

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