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Sunday, October 30, 2011

train spotting

I've been train spotting lately. The main reason for this sudden interest is the Eyre Writers wrote short prose for the Port Lincoln Camera Club members to select from and shoot it. Conversely we are submitting to them images for them to compose short poems with.

The prose I've chosen is this one

from paddock to port
laden with earth's liberal bounty
bound for foreign lands

clackity clack, clackity clack
full - coming here
empty -going back
the alloy conga
glides upon a ribbon of steel
playing follow the leader

written by Dennis Lightfoot

I've taken 2 images that I'm really happy with, but now I need to make the choice of which one to submit. It will be printed as a 8x12 inch and mounted along with the prose for display

Which one do you think??


Alanna said...

When you showed the 2nd one earlier in the week, I loved it. But now I've read the poem (which is beautiful) and seen that first pic... I have to say I love that one! I just love the way the train is winding around and the way you see the upclose detail. Just my humble opinion :)

PS. Boyfriend and I purchased the Canon 60D today... can't wait for it to arrive!! :)

Julie C said...

Hi Tiff, gorgeous photography (I expect nothing less!). I agree with Alanna; although I love the second one, it seems more of a 'quiet' photo - almost as though the trains are at rest. The first one is more of an action shot, and goes with the 'clackity clack' and 'alloy conga' imagery.

Kylie S :) said...

Hi Tiff, They both look great but I really like the first photo too ! Kylie S :)