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Sunday, October 23, 2011

eb weekend - july 2009

Two years ago I had an awesome weekend in Adelaide at Nat & Trev's meeting the chooks I had got to know on the EB scrapbooking forum.

There is precious little embellishing on this LO as its all about the photos and the story is journalled on the back

(click on the pic for a larger view)

Journaling says

Well it happened. My long awaited, anticipated weekend in Adelaide where I catch up with 5 very good online friends. I 'met' them about a year ago on a scrapbooking forum. The girls all flew in from Melbourne, Tasmania and one from Perth  and we landed about the same time early Fri morning. Well that was the plan until I woke up at my Grandpa’s to discover I had set the phone alarm wrong.  My flight had        already left. So I had to laugh (what else could I do) and rescheduled.

We all stayed and scrapped with Nat and her very amazing hubbie, Trev, in their home. We had Lou and Wendy join us as well for the weekend. We coffeed, we shopped, we ate well, we opened the bar early, we talked a lot, we laughed a lot, we scrapped a bit and we slept a bit.

I didn’t think the plane would allow a trailer to be hitched on behind it, and the thought of down sizing what I needed to bring stash wise broke me into a cold sweat. I don't pre plan LOs. It all happens as it happens. So I had to either drive it all across or take none at all and fly. So I flew with the lappy, the camera and a toothbrush. (and a few necessaries like a change of clothes). I left plenty of room to bring    goodies home tho!!!

Trev was the cocktail guru from heaven. Whatever we desired, he was the man. He was voted ‘husband of the year’ from all of us. I am envious of Nat that she has a hubbie that is so encouraging and understanding about what this scrapping hobby really means to her. Thanks guys. You are AWESOME. (word of the weekend). Nat, you are unflappable.

I met the amazing Louise Nelson who joined us for the weekend. Her style is both unique and inspiring. To see her work and how she goes about it in real life was such a treat. Photos in the scrap mags do no justice to her creations. Louise had all the girls going nuts on           Glimmermist all weekend. I feel a connection with Louise and she thinks we are kindred spirits. Wow. What a compliment. She is truly an individual who lets no one put her in a box. That I do understand!! And she issued the toilet paper challenge. Who would have thought that crap wrap would look so good. Prima look-alike lollipop flowers, spiral blooms, colour blocking, twisted lengths wrapped around twigs.    Imagination was limitless this weekend.

Sonia won the TP challenge. And her LO was so cool. Hopefully she puts it on her blog so you can see. I hope her students were kind to her today (Monday). It was such a big weekend.

At long last I met Ange. She was so warm and welcoming on the forum where I met her. What she and her Mac baby cant do, well its just not worth doing.

Cat came all the way from Tassie. Man, she is AWESOME!!! So quick with a one liner. And she discovered an SA secret. Fruit Chocs have now invaded Tasmania!!! ;oD

Donna travelled from Perth. She owns Mystical Scrapbooks. Donna is an wonderful lady. And we were lucky enough to meet and scrap with her sister too.

Wendy is Nat’s neighbour from over the road and was a fellow scrap sister!

We had a scrummy roast Pork with all the trimmings on Saturday night. Delish. And also on Saturday we headed out for a photoshoot by a blue wall. It was great to get outside and muck around a bit. Thanks to Trev for taking the group shots of us.

I can’t thank Nat, Trev and their daughter Jess for letting us all invade their home for the weekend. There was not a spot of space to spare in any room anywhere. Every room had mattresses, scrap stash or a bag in it.

I really hope this will happen again so we can all reconnect and reunite.


Natalie said...

It was our pleasure

Cat said...

That brings back so many great memories!! And guess what; I actually found fruchocs down here the other month!! LOL