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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

there's nothing in this world....

Layout no. 5 from the Retreat. I have no qualms about putting blooms on a boy's page. In fact I probably do it more often than not. These ones are made from scratch and I used a Martha Stewart Stamp and Punch Leaf combination tool.

We had one of Kym's sisters and her two daughters visit for the late afternoon and for tea. It was wonderful to catch up, reconnect and bring out the Scrabble board. Whenever we catch up with Sharon, the Scrabble tournament resumes. To me it's for fun, for Kym it's about getting away with imaginative words, and for Sharon it's about getting the big word scores. It's always over a bottle of wine (usually more than the one) and it's great to have quality time with a barrel of laughs.

Annie's heading back to Adelaide with them during the week to spend time with her two other cousins that are her age and hang out in the big smoke. She's flying back on her own on Saturday. She feels so very grown up about this fact. There's lots of paperwork for this to happen, but what a wonderful chance for her to have special time with her extended family without Mum and Dad around. Very empowering!!

Lovely day at the Yallunda Flat show today as well. Perfect weather and lots to see.

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