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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 swim carnival

Annie's first ever swim carnival. And she was so excited about it.

The morning was fairly cool, overcast and breezy. I bet she was thankful for wearing her wetsuit in the pool. Because she's slender framed, she gets cold very quickly in the water. At the beginning of last summer, I bought a wetsuit (spring suits) for both Sean and Annie. And they have paid dividends. Now the kids last a whole swim lesson instead of loosing the plot due to being cold after 10 mins in the water.

Anyway, I digress.......

The afternoon saw the sun break through the clouds and it was quite pleasant.

Annie's first event was 25m freestyle. And she did it as a PB for herself. She didn't stop once, she just kept on going and going. She was sooooo pleased with herself and for me that was the highlight of my day. She came 4th in her heat.

Next was 25m breaststroke. Her most disliked stroke. Funnily enough she did that one so well. Again a PB. No stops.

25m Backstroke. Her fave event. She did keep angling for the wall and fortunately the instructors where on hand with noodles on the wall at the point of impact.

I did notice that Annie selected the lane by the wall for each race. I think that gave her no end of confidence in herself just to know she only had to reach out and she was safe.

team games. Tube relay.

Tow relay.

It was a day of fun in the pool, about participation and having a go for your team.

She came home with 3 ribbons pinned to her hat that I'm allowed to have to scrap later on. Lucky me.


Alanna said...

Love the photos!! Oh how I remember the fun of swimming carnivals! I was the one always chattering my teeth together after 2 minutes in the pool too... And don't worry Annie... I hate breastroke too! Detest it! Even now!

janice said...

well done Annie. :) xx