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Saturday, December 10, 2011

babies x4

Celia, our Pen Hen arrived today with a wonderful surprise. She'a a Mum to 4 little peacock chicks. As the peacocks are free range, she's free to take them wherever she pleases. This afternoon was all around the outside of the house and the yard.

The kids and I sat down quietly to watch and learn about them. She seemed happy enough to range up to a metre of us with her brood. She sort of  'clucks' for a want of a better word, every few seconds to make sure they stay close and she pecks at titbits on the ground to show them what to eat. She sits down often with them so they can a 5 minute doze.

I'm sure she can count, because when Kym handed one of the chicks for the kids to hold, she wasn't aware at first one was not with her, then her clucks were more insistent and you could see her start to 'search' for her lost chick. Needless to say she got it back fairly quick. I didn't want to distress her and scare her from bringing the chicks up to the house yard.

Now to work out how to sex them when they are young. ;op